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¡Vaya Vacaciones!

Movie poster "Vaya Vacaciones"

It is a family comedy directed by Víctor García León (nominated for the Goya for Best New Director for Más pena que gloria in 2001) which opens on April 21 exclusively in theaters and stars Tito Valverde, Gracia Olayo, Toni Acosta and Ernesto Sevilla.

Yembe! has been in charge of the musical supervision of the production, in which songs have been synchronized by international artists of the stature of Bad Bunny ,Van Morrison and Stereo Bomb, as well as emerging national artists such as Samuraï,Vlack Motor o Sweet Barrio, which many of you will remember from his time in #YembeSessions.


“Manuela and José love their children very much and, above all, they idolize their grandchildren. But their parents have made it a habit to leave their children to taking care of their grandparents, day in and day out. Manuela and José no longer remember the last time they had some time for themselves. And to make matters worse, this summer they have had to cancel the trip of their dreams because their children have had a very important work trip…, although they will soon discover the truth: they are actually on vacation in Bali. It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Movie poster "Vaya Vacaciones"

¡VAYA VACACIONES! is a production of Telecinco CinemaQuexito FilmsAliwoodGrow and Multiply AIE, with the participation of Mediaset EspañaMovistar Plus+ and distributed by  Universal Pictures..

  • Director: Víctor García León.
  • Produced by Álvaro Augustín, Ghislain Barrois, Miguel González Familiar & Eduardo Jiménez Abad.
  • Production coordinator: David Pámpano Godino.
  • Photography Direction: Eva Díaz.
  • Editing: Buster Franco.
  • Art direction: José Luis C. Toro.
  • Original Music: Vanessa Garde.
  • Musical Supervision: Omar Tenani.
  • Production and Licensing: Sandra González.
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