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Short film: ‘Inútil’

Short film character laughing

The actress Raquel Guerrero presents ‘Inútil’, her first short film as a screenwriter and director,&nbsp ; produced by Leixandre Froufe (friend and alma mater of #YembeSessions) this project is just an appetizer of everything that is to come from the hand of Raquel as a creator.


“Tito, a neighborhood boy who is teased by everyone, wants to prove his worth. After various initiation tests, one morning of reengagement he finds himself spinning in a neighborhood wasteland with his new “friends.” Music and drugs accompany the fun until a comment from Tito turns the party into a macabre joke in which he is forced to commit a robbery to complete the initiation ritual. “

Short film poster "Inútil"


Direction: Raquel Guerrero
Production company: Leixandre Froufe / Hysteria Films / Loniego Films
Production: Raquel Guerrero & ; Leixandre Froufe
Script: Raquel Guerrero
Photography: Pinky Alonso
Artistic direction: Gabriel Montero
Direct sound: Juan Cadenas
Sound design: Omar Tenani
Editing: Leixandre Froufe
Music: Filipe Von Geier, Rosa Rosario
Distribution: Distribution with Glasses


Iván Pellicer, Tito
Javier Bódalo, Lápiz
Alberto Raw, Cuco
Arantxa Zambrano, Bar Owner
Paula Mirá,Waitress

Soon we will all be able to enjoy it, but for now, here is the trailer that will certainly leave you wanting more: 

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