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NACHO, the series

Protagonists of the series "NACHO"

NACHO is an original series from LIONSGATE+ produced by Bambú Producciones, which premieres in LATAM on March 3 and the same day 5, in Spain by ATRESplayerPREMIUM as part of its new national catalogue, which reinforces its position as a local hero and reference for pay television in our country.

Composed of 8 chapters and starring Martiño Rivas, the series follows the beginnings of the famous adult film actor Nacho Vidal  and shows the birth of this controversial and multi-billion dollar industry. 

María de NatiAndrés VelencosoPepa CharroEdu Soto, < em>Miriam Giovanelli, Carmen ConesaMontse Guallar or Nancho Novo, are some  of the actors who complete the cast of this new fiction. 

The series created by Teresa Fernández-ValdésGema R. Neira and Diego Sotelo, features Teresa Fernández-Valdés as showrunner and shares executive production with Ramón Campos. In the script, written by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, María
José Rustarazo, and Flora G. Villanueva.

NACHO has the original musical composition by Omar Tenani who has been able to develop the entire soundtrack with hardly any limits, nor great stylistic ties, but with the premise of giving the series a modern and transgressive approach through composition, elevating both the most scenes and dark scenes of the character with more electronic sounds, dramatic ones with more organic and orchestral backgrounds, as well as crazier scenes with layers of sound design and more conceptual compositions.

The Musical Supervision of the series is carried out by Juan Tomas Tello, who has achieved that both commercial and diegetic music consolidate a solid soundtrack together to the original composition, which will make you immerse yourself in each chapter through its music. All of this will always  under the supervision of Teresa Fernández and the hand of the three great directors who shared the direction of the entire series. >David Pinilla, Beatriz Sanchís and Eduardo Casanova.

"NACHO" movie poster

This is ‘NACHO’

“1993. Ignacio Jordá (Martiño Rivas), Nacho for everyone who knows him, is a crazy, magnetic kid with overflowing energy, who has decided to live his life to the limit.  Born into a conventional and Catholic family, in the eyes of his father, he is nothing more than a young man with no future, lacking talent. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nacho was born with a “gift”. A Peculiar “gift” and thanks to Sara Bernat (María de Nati), the first great love of his life, Nacho is committed to pursuing a career in adult cinema and becoming an international star. Finally, the time has come to show the world that you can be someone. Your journey to success and fame has only just begun…”

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