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LLUM Barcelona

'Monolith' the visual and sonic experience

One of these renowned international artists who participates in said festival is SpY , which with its monumental street art in the Mediapro building combined the lighting experience with the original soundtrack of #OmarTenanY, creating an installation called ‘Monolith’ where the visual and sonic experience enchanted the thousands of attendees who passed through it, making the work the most viral and partly indisputable of the resounding success of this new edition of #LLUMBCN

SpY’s “Monolith” pays tribute to Kubrick’s classic “2001”. The film recounts the encounter of a group of pre-human apes with a huge monolith. The monolith is incomprehensible to them, but it ends up encouraging them to use tools and thus marking the beginning of human evolution.

“Monolith” is presented as a metaphor for the current omnipresence of screens. The screen is the magic mirror where we build our person, in it an increasingly larger part of our reality takes shape. It is integrated into our lives to a degree that, until recently, was still inconceivable. The enormous potential of the screen for disruption, emancipation and for the propagation of genuine ideas disappears under a deluge of empty content. The constant updating of the screen keeps us stunned. The screen gives us access to everything, but at the same time it chains us.

SpY addresses in “Monolith” a questioning of this new reality and the incessant intrusion into our personal information. Have we already reached the time when humans become data? How will we face the integration of bodies and devices? Is this the last generation of non-digitally transformed humans?


“A huge monolith and a monumental light and sound experience about our relationship with screens and the future of data”

· Llum BCN, Lighting Arts Festival

· Artistic Direction: Maria Güell @maria_guell_ordis

· Curator: Oriol Pastor @oriolpastor

· Banda Sonora: Omar Tenani @omartenany

· Photography: Rubén Pérez Bescós @rubenpb

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