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Greg Taro

Greg Taro


Born in Barcelona to Spanish-German parents, Greg grew up in Spain before spending most of of his childhood in Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 15 he returned to Spain where he finished his studies. After a motorcycle accident, Greg realized that his love for music was too big not to chase his dream.
He moves to Berlin, where he begins to write his own songs.

In 2020 he releases his first song with Nina Chuba followed by an EP called ‘techos’ where Greg explores the powerful and personal dynamics in his life and home that have made him the artist that he is. Songs like “Volveré” become favorites of a growing audience. Fast forward to 2022; once the pandemic is over, Greg launches his second EP that begins to form his style, inspired by artists like TheWeeknd, Lauv and Khalid.

Throughout the summer and fall, Greg joins his brother, the multi-platinum selling artist Álvaro Soler, on various festivals and on a tour the European Tour, where he showcases his new sound to a new potential fan base. Greg is looking forward to a very exciting future, playing his first ‘Headline Tour’ in Spring 2023.



Gregori Tauchert


Damian Ketteler

Acoustic Guitar

Milton Salazar

Electric & Acoustic Guitar


Director: Omar Tenani
Filmed by: Leixandre Froufe & Melina García
Editor: Leixandre Froufe
Design & Art Direction: Iván Redondo
Producer: Sandra González
Live Production: Sandra González
Live Sound: Alfonso Hortal & Alejandro Barroso
Photographer: Leixandre Froufe
Digital: Joseph Siankope
Social Media: Àngela Cantó
Mix & Recording: Omar Tenani

Special thanks to: #SOOFT #ValueDesignStudio​

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