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The Boy From The South

The Boy From The South


The Boy from the South is the music project of Pedro Balaña. Started in the middle of the pandemic, the Barcelona born but London based singer started producing songs with Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence+Machine) and in just a few years he’s jumped over +4 million streams on Spotify, reached over 40-60k monthly listeners from all over the world and having had editorial support.

His last single, Amazing-Man got endorsements by legends like Gordon Raphael (Strokes), Andrew Oldham (Stones), Gordon Smart (BBC) , followed by a first southamerican tour playing Mexico City, Bogota, Chile and Sao Paulo to 1000 people in total, heavy radio spins on NPR, BBC, KCRW & two sold out shows in London and Powerhaus.

Happy upbeat songs, catchy melodies, ironic and funny lyrics, a project that takes the music-side but also all angles of the craft very seriously and ready to jump on any opportunity anytime. It’s an internationally targeted project, thought through to fit for any live audience worldwide.

If you like acts like Beck,Talking Heads, Jungle, add acoustic guitars, hip hop beats, poppy melodies and that’s the playground where Boy from the South is playing in.

2023’s been a great year, having had his first management offers and a good live run, but 2024 looks even better. With an EP already recorded to release throughout 2024, starting late february and finishing in october and already gigs planned ahead targeting all over the world, looks like 2024 will surely be an amazing year

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Pedro Balaña

Vocals & Guitars

Eduardo Martinez



Director: Omar Tenani
Filmed by: Leixandre Froufe & Melina García
Editor: Leixandre Froufe
Color Grading: Jorge Regidor
Design & Art Direction: Iván Redondo
Stylist: Estela Benitez
Producer: Sandra González
Live Production: Angela Cantó
Live Sound: AWill Maya & Diego Perez
Photographer: Melina García
Social Media: Àngela Cantó
Digital: Joseph Siankope
Mix & Recording: Omar Tenani

Special thanks to: #SOOFT #ValueDesignStudio​

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