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Let´s Soundtracking together


We want to make something very big for the premiere of our upcoming really program based on dancers FAMA.
The project was based on the music, as the dance is all on the beat and the feeling of music, so we search all around the web for one song of an independent artist to engage all the millennials fans we could with the power of music.
Finally, we found DELAPORTE, an independent band formed by Sandra Delaporte from Madrid and Sergio Salvi form Napoles, they are an amazingly talented artist and when we contact them they were finishing his second E.P which includes the song “Un Jardin”.

The lyrics of the song talks about the dance of a garden that it’s growing up to reach the sun, this made the relation perfect with the concept of the Dance and the hard work and endless career of any future dancer.
The hype of the campaign was to make a choreography with the acclaimed dancer Igor Yebra, that the fans will learn and upload to YouTube to find one of the best participants around the globe, at the end we reached 180 videos on youtube and one young Spanish dancer that was studying in China was the final winner.
Our idea was that the song reaches the charts and the surprising thing was that it finally reaches the most viral song at Spotify Spain, the top 3 in Itunes and the top 2 of searches with Shazam!

Brands: MOVISTAR, #0
Production Company: ZEPPELIN
Associate Phublising: PEER MUSIC
Chief Marketing Officer: CRISTINA BURZAKO
Creative Director: IÑAKI MARTIKORENA
Music Supervisor: OMAR TENANI


Production Film Studios: BOSALAY & VIELA

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